Smart Prescriptions

Discover Plant Diseases Early

VAIS CropROBO is a sophisticated deep learning-based crop analytics module that captures the interrelated and continuously evolving agriculture field parameters and correlate them with specific plant manifestations. It provides automatic, continuous ag field monitoring against biotic and abiotic stresses. CropROBO demonstrated an accuracy of greater than 99% in detection of plant stresses and offers personalized recommendations to help alleviate the impact of unexpected rapid spread of biotic agents or sudden weather changes. Its ability to monitor field changes and predict trends at high spatial and temporal resolutions enables timely intervention to save crops and boost profits.

Field Nitrogen Distribution Layer (3D View)

Reduce Fertilization Costs

VAIS CropROBO assimilates multi-modal data to provide farm operators with optimal prescriptions and scheduling of needed amounts of fertilizers, seeds and pesticides to meet crop growth targets and yield requirements. This information is delivered per micro zone to enable precise application which not only optimizes agricultural inputs, but also results in significant overall savings due to avoiding double coverage and wasted inputs. CropROBO prescriptions can be integrated with automated spraying machinery or by using VAIS FarmGATE platform running on mobile/handheld devices equipped with GPS. All farm inputs, prescriptions and feedback are recorded on the cloud for continuous follow-up and enhanced future decisions.

CropROBO Features and Applications

  • Continuous large-scale ag field monitoring of plant abiotic and biotic stresses
  • Detection of early-stage field variability, deviations and anomalies
  • Growth and maturity reporting, harvest scheduling and yield estimation
  • Provides optimal and timely fertilization and seeding recommendations
  • Provision of crop-specific recommendations, alerts and economic scorecards
  • Exploits historical data as well as data from multiple sources
  • Optimized ag field inputs and precision crop management
  • Uses weather and atmospheric data for improved accuracy
  • Acts as an Early Warning System (EWS) against sporadic weather conditions with potential adverse effects
  • Additional features include planting gap detection, zoning, and dynamic variable rate application maps

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