Future Farming

VAIS FarmGATE is the most comprehensive all-in-one digital ag platform in the market. Powered by our Virtual Field Probing (VFP) technology, FarmGATE offers unprecedented capabilities and innovative features making the vision of Agriculture 4.0 closer than ever. It integrates VAIS suite of products (IrrigationROBO, CropROBO and ScoutROBO) covering the full spectrum of services needed for AI-powered precision agriculture (anomaly discovery, irrigation planning, biotic/abiotic stress detection, yield prediction, etc.). FarmGATE also offers novel in-field scouting guidance and potential for integration with IoT field sensors. It comes in 2 versions: mobile/handheld version for field operations and web-based/desktop dashboard for reporting and visualization, both enabled by a scalable cloud architecture backend that can handle millions of subscribers while keeping operational costs low. Below is a selected list of the features provided by FarmGATE which is provided to major growers and agricultural businesses based on subscriptions.

Consolidated Management

  • Centralized farm and field management and monitoring
  • On-the-fly generation and display of aggregated/detailed farm/field statistics
  • Simple interface, innovative visualizations and automatic report generation
  • Enhanced operations through two versions: in-field mobile version and web-based dashboard
  • Possibility of integrating data from field sensors for improved decisions
  • High-frequency updates and low latency updates using powerful cloud architecture
  • Ubiquitous set of dynamic map layers covering full crop information

Planning and Prescriptions

  • Enables AI-powered field and crop planning (field selection, yield potential map, crop rotation, soil anomalies, etc.) to reduce cost and increase profit
  • Automates the planning process and removes the need to examine huge amounts of historical data and thousands of images
  • Uses VAIS innovative Dynamic Variable Rate Application (DVRA) technology to optimize agricultural inputs
  • Generates prescriptive ag field micro zones with optimal fertilization, seeding and pesticide spraying instructions
  • Help alleviate the impact of unexpected rapid spread of biotic agents or sudden weather changes
  • Field and crop data with all inputs and decisions are saved on the cloud for continuous follow-up and enhanced future recommendations

Monitoring and Alerts

  • Automatic ag field monitoring to detect trends before they occur and predict potential scenarios that may impact crop growth and yield estimates
  • Generates alerts related to stresses, growth, yield, nutrients and irrigation issues
  • Enables multi-granular change detection and timely intervention to save crops and boost profits
  • Continuous scheduling of needed amounts and types of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Continuously monitors water levels and provide zone-based optimal irrigation scheduling
  • Exploits meteorological data and acts as an Early Warning System (EWS) against sporadic weather conditions
  • Regular personalized recommendations with high temporal and spatial resolutions
  • Yield potential maps

Innovative Scouting

  • Enables both manual scouting and AI-guided scouting
  • Automated scouting plan generation and follow up
  • In-situ detection and diagnosis of plant stresses
  • GPS guidance and AR-based localization
  • Interactive precision field preparations (straight lines, demarcation and zoning)
  • Capable of utilizing ground-level LiDAR and depth sensors for enhanced yield estimation
  • Decreases the need for expert scouts and reduces scouting costs
  • Offers treatment recommendations and follow up
  • Streamlined field operations (multi-modal data capturing, geotagging, automated cloud upload, etc.)

Try FarmGATE

FarmGATE is available to download on Play Store (App Store coming soon) as a subscription-based service for major growers and ag businesses. To start your trial, please email farmgate@vais.aiand will send you time-limited activation key. We will also send download link for the web-based dashboard.

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