Precision Irrigation

Save Up To 30% of Irrigation Water

Timely prediction of irrigation requirements is crucial for optimizing crop yield and minimizing water and energy resources. However, the calculation of exact crop water needs is a complex multi-factorial process. VAIS IrrigationROBO is a sophisticated irrigation-focused analytics application that captures the complex underlying physical processes affecting crop water needs. It provides farmers with irrigation recommendations with exact water requirements that are dynamically changing to accommodate changing field and crop conditions. VAIS IrrigationROBO allows for combined utilization of irrigation and fertilization processes and enables an optimized fertigation process with up to 30% savings ofin water and nutrients consumption and improved yield.

Field Water Levels Layer (3D View)

When, Where and How Much Water

VAIS IrrigationROBO detects crop water requirements and provides zone-based irrigation plans. It provides farmers with optimal irrigation scheduling with instructions on where and how much water is required for each zone. IrrigationROBO continuously monitor the field for water-stressed regions and provides field/crop specific recommendations that take into consideration crop models and farm topography.

IrrigationROBO Features and Applications

  • Provision of regular (daily and weekly), dynamic field-specific irrigation scheduling and notifications
  • Simplifies the process of irrigation planning to meet allocated water quotas
  • Utilization of multi-sourced, multi-modal complementary data for robust decisions
  • Enables efficient irrigation with significant savings (up to 30%) of water resources
  • Supports many crops (wheat, maize, rice, potatoes, etc.) with more crops in the pipeline
  • Detection and reporting of damaged pipes and problematic irrigation systems

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