Focused Monitoring

Ag Field Smart Scouting

Crop scouting has traditionally been performed by agriculture experts to gather information about issues related ag fields and crops. VAIS ScoutROBO is an AI-powered mobile-based pervasive crop scouting system that enables efficient and effective crop scouting. It automatically generates scouting plans for each farm/field and uses GPS information to interactively direct the scouting process. ScoutROBO provides in-situ detection and diagnosis of plant stresses (weeds, pests, diseases) and registers geo-tagged locations of potential problems. ScoutROBO also enables interactive precision field preparations such as deriving straight lines into the field, site-demarcation and zoning. Satellite and drone data are used for provision of localized vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI) and localized yield estimates during the scouting process.

The Multi-Sensor Advantage

VAIS ScoutROBO facilitates acquisition of multimodal data at each scouting point using ground-level sensing technologies which is used for unique detection, diagnosis and estimation functionalities. It seamlessly integrates Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR)/depth sensors and utilizes a specialized point cloud data processing and segmentation engine. Just by walking through the ag field, temporal and phenotypic data is collected and used to build 3D models of individual plants and the entire field which is used to assess crop performance. ScoutROBO also employs ground-level multispectral camera information to detect some types of plant stresses prior to visual manifestations thus giving farmers' precious time to take necessary measures a priori.

VAIS ScoutROBO in Action

Detection and Counting
In-Situ Plant Stress Diagnosis
Integration of LiDAR/Depth Sensors
Localization of Ag Field 'Hot Spots'

Reduced Scouting Costs and Improved Revenues

Crop scouting by expert consultants is an expensive process especially for large farms or during specific periods. VAIS ScoutROBO provides innovative features that significantly decrease the need for expert scouts and improve farm revenue. Besides its built-in functionalities, ScoutROBO seamlessly connects to VAIS CropROBO and IrrigationROBO analytics applications to provide localized first-hand diagnostic and/or descriptive information on plant stresses and ag field conditions. Additional key information on suggested treatment recommendations, variable rate chemical application and irrigation scheduling is also provided to farm operators

Intuitive Interface and Continuous Monitoring

In a long growing season, many things can go wrong in the field including pests, diseases, uninvited weeds, weather risks, just to name a few. VAIS ScoutROBO facilitates continuous ag field monitoring by producing priority lists of geo-tagged field locations that exhibit potential stresses (hot spots) based on historical data or feedback from VAIS analytics applications in order to inspect on a regular basis. Its intuitive interface facilitates scouting under demanding field conditions and displays weather information and alerts. Furthermore, VAIS ScoutROBO provides versatile set of features for efficient scouting such as capturing images and/or sensor readings, label & stage suggestions on the fly, addition of voice/text notes, among others.

ScoutROBO Features and Applications

  • AI-guided ag field scout planning and execution with continuous monitoring of field 'hot spots'
  • Enables for interactive precision field preparations (site-demarcation, deriving straight lines into the filed), facilitates scouting of large fields, and reduces physical effort
  • Provides pre-visual and visual detection and diagnosis of plant stresses (weeds, pests, disease)
  • Incorporates VAIS specialized LiDAR data processing and segmentation engine that is used for plant density/height/canopy measurement, growth monitoring and yield estimation
  • ScoutROBO is provided as an integrated component in VAIS FarmGATE
  • Captures data from multiple sources (IoT sensors, RGB cameras, LiDAR/depth sensors)
  • Connects seamlessly to other VAIS cloud-based analytics applications including CropROBO and IrrigationROBO
  • Integration with VAIS cloud-based analytics applications facilitates responsive real-time guidance and scalable operations
  • User interface and functionalities enable for effective streamlined field operations (data capturing, geotagging, cloud upload, etc.)
  • Provides metrics for measuring the efficiency of the scouting process (time, path length and pattern, visit frequency, etc.)

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