Boost Farm Profits

Reduced Scouting Costs and Increased Revenues

Crop scouting by expert consultants is an expensive process especially for large farms or during specific farming periods. VAIS ScoutROBO is an AI-powered pervasive crop scouting application that significantly decreases the need for expert scouts. Using VAIS VFP technology, capable of discovering more than 99% of crop stresses, ScoutROBO generates daily scouting plans made of priority lists of geo-tagged field locations that exhibit potential stresses (hot spots). GPS information is used to interactively direct the scouting process. This allows for regular inspection of crop problems and timely interventions to contain/alleviate the impact of biotic/abiotic stresses, leading to significantly improved farm revenues

Detection and Counting
In-Situ Plant Disease Diagnosis
Integration of LiDAR/Depth Sensors
Localization of Ag Field 'Hot Spots'

Intuitive Interface and In-Situ Diagnostics

ScoutROBO’s intuitive interface facilitates scouting under demanding field conditions and displays crop stress alerts and micro weather information. It also provides a versatile set of features for efficient scouting including image capturing, location labeling, addition of voice/text notes, among others. Furthermore, ScoutROBO provides in-field, first-hand diagnosis of plant stresses (weeds, pests, diseases) using visual symptoms. It registers geo-tagged locations of potential problems for further follow up and provides diagnostic information as well as suggested treatment recommendations to users in near-real time.

ScoutROBO Features and Applications

  • AI-guided ag field scout planning and execution with continuous monitoring of field 'hot spots'
  • Enables for interactive precision field preparations (site-demarcation, deriving straight lines), facilitates scouting of large fields, and reduces physical effort
  • Provides pre-visual and visual detection and diagnosis of plant stresses (weeds, pests, disease)
  • Incorporates VAIS specialized LiDAR processing module used for crop density measurement, growth monitoring and yield estimation
  • ScoutROBO is provided as an integrated component in VAIS FarmGATE
  • Connects seamlessly to other VAIS applications including CropROBO and IrrigationROBO
  • Integration with VAIS cloud-based analytics for responsive near real-time guidance and scalable operations
  • User interface and functionalities enable for effective streamlined field operations (data capturing, geotagging, cloud upload, etc.)

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