About VAIS

Who We Are

Visual and AI Solutions (VAIS) was founded in 2020 by established academics and is the culmination of many years of R&D and practical project experience in the areas of visual computing, machine/deep learning, and big data engineering. VAIS is currently one of the leaders in agricultural artificial intelligence in the MENA region. The company is a Nile University spinoff and is supported by a strong advisory board from top-ranked universities including Imperial College London and Harvard University.

Our Values

VAIS key differentiating values are innovation, technical excellence, loyalty and team spirit. We take pride in our competency to create game-changing technologies and capacity to deliver them. We have a great confidence in our team and pursue a unique management style with emphasis on our nearly-flat organizational structure that encourages collaboration and self-development while being committed to the company's goals and objectives.

Our Mission

To push the limits of artificial intelligence technologies in order to enable innovative solutions and unlock new opportunities in the agricultural technology (AgriTech) and remote sensing markets.

Our Vision

AI-based technologies will have significant impact on our modern society and VAIS aspires to positively contribute to this ongoing transformation for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Proven Track Record

Our Technologies

VAIS develops novel artificial intelligence and visual computing technologies that can be deployed on mobile/handheld devices and on the cloud. We specialize in deep self-supervised learning models that learn from massive non-labeled datasets and exploit the abundance of Earth Observation (EO) and remote sensing data to create meaningful insights and facilitate informed decision making. VAIS technologies enable smart applications in domains such as AgriTech and EO data analytics.

Our AgriTech deep learning algorithms and modules enable advanced precision agriculture and delivers dependable field analytics to farmers, traders, and insurers. VAIS EO analytics facilitate management and processing of EO data obtained from multiple satellites through tailored scalable cloud architecture and intelligent data assimilation algorithms. VAIS technologies are seamlessly integrated with existing enterprise systems to provide our customers with differentiating features and competitive solutions.

Our Achievements

VAIS technical AI team is among the best in the region with impressive track record both in academia and in industry where we delivered successful projects working with national and international partners. Our team regularly participates and achieves top rankings in international computer vision and artificial intelligence/deep learning competitions such as CGIAR Wheat Disease Diagnosis, Radiant Earth Crop Identification in Satellite Imagery, DeepGlobe Land Cover Classification and UAVision Embedded Real-time Inference Challenge.

To date, VAIS has released first version of FarmGATE, its all-in-one digital ag platform, in addition to crop analytics and 3D point cloud processing engines. A cloud-based EO data analytics application and an irrigation intelligence module will be released by early 2022. The company has also developed several mobile applications for agricultural field data collection and a web-based data annotation tool. The engines, apps and tools are integrated within our key AgriTech and EO analytics products.