What is Virtual Field Probing (VFP)?

Our Earth is being constantly observed by hundreds of satellites and high-resolution imaging from space is becoming more accessible with the advent of reusable rockets and smaller, cheaper satellites. Virtual Field Probing (VFP) is our novel, patent-pending satellite-enabled sensing technology where sophisticated artificial intelligence/deep learning models are applied to the plethora of complex, raw satellite data produced by tens of satellites to gain high-level insights and facilitate reliable predictions. VFP intelligently assimilates petabytes of heterogenous, but complementary, multi-modal data (electro-optical and synthetic aperture radar – SAR) acquired from both commercial and free satellite constellations (ESA, NASA, others) to make accurate observations, produce domain-relevant decisions and recommendations, and empower a wide array of innovative applications, especially those related to irrigation intelligence and crop analytics.

VFP Features

  • ZERO in-field equipment or ground devices needed

  • Provides observations with ground sensor-level precision but at tiny fraction of their deployment and maintenance costs

  • Enables sensor-free surface and sub-surface exploration

  • Weather resilient and not hindered by rain or cloud coverage

  • Very low-cost, economical to deploy and operate and highly-scalable

  • Works 365 days/year in any place on planet Earth

  • Provides high spatial resolution data in near real-time

VFP in Precision Agriculture

VFP is a gamechanger for precision agriculture! Existing crop monitoring technologies each suffer from a number of inherent limitations including the need for field devices that are expensive to acquire and difficult to scale (sensor-based approaches), complex logistics, limited operational duration and high cost (aircraft/drone-based approaches), and weather susceptibility and low spatial/temporal resolutions (satellite-based approaches). VFP addresses many of these limitations and offers a low-cost, scalable and easy-to-deploy monitoring solution that provides high spatial and temporal resolution data on a continuous basis . VFP utilizes crop models, soil moisture information, disease models, and weather data, among others in order to make accurate predictions of crop water needs, growth, biomass, biotic & abiotic stresses, nutrient distribution, and yield, just to name a few.

Other VFP Applications and Industries

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sustainability
  • Socioeconomic Mapping
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Oil and Gas
  • Global SaaS products

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